Avis Budget Group

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Avis Budget Group - 6 Sylvan Way  Parsippany, NJ  07054  

Vehicle Registration

"PV Holding Corporation" May also be registered as "Avis" or "Budget" 

24-Hour Law Enforcement "Hotline" 800-533-9056    

HQ - Corporate Security – Parsippany, NJ 

VP Corp Security position currently vacant

George Milonas, Director Corporate Investigations, Compliance and Security  Tel: 973-496-5292     Fax: 973-496-1010  Email: george.milonas@avisbudget.com   

Tom Nowak, Corporate Security Analyst  Tel: 973-496-2895     Fax: 973-496-1010  Email: thomas.nowak@avisbudget.com  

Budget Truck & Local Market

  John Wotton, National Security Manager, Local Market & Trucks  Tel: 407-857-6641 Email: john.wotton@avisbudget.com

  Payless Car Rental

Tom Nowak, Corporate Security Analyst  Tel: 973-496-2895 Email: thomas.nowak@avisbudget.com  


Chris Hayes, Corporate Security Manager  Tel: 617-336-4842  Email: chayes@zipcar.com

Loss Prevention Department - Virginia Beach,VA 

Nathan Whybrew, Loss Prevention Manager  Tel: 757-687-2334     Fax: 757-687-2270  Email: nathan.whybrew@avisbudget.com  

Lisa Currier, Loss Prevention  Tel: 757-687-2556     Fax: 757-687-2394  Email: lisa.currier@avisbudget.com  

Law Enforcement Subpoenas or Warrants for Avis, Budget & Payless subpoena.compliance@avisbudget.com or by fax to 1-757-493-6503 Contact Number: 757-687-2556 or 973-496-2895  

Law Enforcement Subpoenas or Warrants for ZipCar                          subpoena@zipcar.com Primary Contact: Chris Hayes  

Citations / Parking Tickets - 800-587-1188 or citation.department@avisbudget.com